Zuubly Review

Thanks to Zuubly, you can:

Forget customers!

Forget creating content nonstop!

Forget cutthroat competition!

Forget teeny-tiny commissions!

Forget pitching friends and family!

Forget inventory!

Forget razor-thin margins!

Forget rising ad costs!

Forget hiring a bunch of people!

Forget having an office space!

Forget losing clients left and right!

None of that will be necessary.

Not when you flip leads—like we do—using free traffic from Google.

Here’s how it works:

You pick a local niche.

For example:

“Mobile auto glass repair.”

(Which is what we’ve done here, with this site.)

Then a mid-sized city in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, anywhere.

In this case, we chose:

“Des Moines, Iowa.”


Then you build a small, drag-n-drop website for it.

Add a few photos.

Some text.

And a custom software we built to track and forward emails and calls.

Then hit publish.

Get it ranked in Google.

(We help each other do that inside Zuubly.)

And simply hand out samples—like Costco does.

As in:

“Here, have some leads.”

“Oh, and if you want more, it’ll be $600/month.”

Sooner or later, an auto glass company (in Des Moines) is gonna say:

“You got yourself a deal!”

(That’s literally exactly how it went down for this site.)

At that point, tweak the home page to reflect THEIR business.

Maybe get listed in the Maps Pack.

Then set it, forget it, and go make another one.

Meanwhile, that $600 “rent check” comes in every thirty days like clockwork.

But what if they stop paying?

No sweat.

Do a new deal with a different company and forward THEM the leads.

Think about that though.

Work once, get paid—month after month—for years.

Everything’s done on your laptop.

Don’t need a big team.

Of a fancy office.

Doesn’t matter where you live.

No whiny customers.

No annoying inventory.

No person or ad platform gobbling up all your profit.

No recruiting.

Heck, you hardly even have to “sell” anything; simply… serve!

Most important, you own and control these websites.

That’s the key.

So you can continue to rent the leads they’re producing—for the long-term.

‘Cause, like I said, it’s not that you’ll never lose a client.

It’s that, it doesn’t matter.

You still got the website.

It’s still glued to the top of Google.

Still getting emails and calls on the daily.

And with a few clicks, you can re-route those leads to whoever wants ’em.

See what I mean?

Leverage, baby!

And with hundreds of cities and thousands of local businesses?

Well, if you multiply that out, there are MILLIONS of niches you can do this for.

Which is why we can train YOU (and let you use our software), without it affecting US one bit.


Cool, so here’s our offer:

If you’re an internet entrepreneur with a “growth mindset” and you have at least $1,000 in startup capital, we’ll teach you how to do this.

Head back to www.Zuubly.com.

Go to the About page.

Watch those two videos.

Read through the FAQs.

Check out all the case studies.

Then submit your application.

But only if you promise you meet the requirements listed above the calendar.

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